Want To Cook Thai?

Posted on: August 28 2013

Our next Thai Cookery Day is 29th September, so whether you have already received a gift for the class or you would like to attend ring us now.

Thai food is all about balance; it’s flavours are more subtle than other Asian cuisines. A number of dishes arrive together, each one distinct and they are usually eaten with rice.

Our chef Taweesak Trakoolwattana (Tao) was born and trained in Bangkok. He has worked all over the world and is now our Executive Chef in SABA. Why, he asks, would anyone want to eat anything other than good Thai food?

Tao welcomes us to his SABA kitchen and as we savour a bowl of conchi, a traditional breakfast dish in Thailand and Vietnam, he introduces us to the main ingredients used in preparing a Thai meal and how to balance the flavours and aromas.

Tao demonstrates the first dish in his kitchen in SABA, and then we gather around a work station to work on five or six more dishes with your participation.

A trip to the Asian Market follows where Tao shows how to choose the best Thai ingredients, pointing out the less familiar as well as the more widely recognised ones. From there we visit a well-known Irish food shop where we learn how to make the right substitutes to create that genuine Thai flavour if there is no Asian food shop nearby. The day finishes back at Saba when Tao serves up what he considers to be a perfectly balanced Thai meal.

Tao is a brilliant teacher and packs a lot into the day, but we do give you copies of the recipes and notes on the ingredients. Numbers are small so there is lots of opportunity to get involved and ask questions!

On the day you will receive a complimentary signed copy of the award-winning “SABA: The Cookbook” which has won eight awards in total including “Best Asian Cookbook in the World at the Gourmand Awards.