The Ultimate Cocktail for President Obama

Posted on: May 20 2011

With the arrival of President Obama this weekend, SABA has designed a great new cocktail to celebrate. The “44th President” is a twist on the classic “il Presidente”.  To make this decadent cocktail, SABA’s expert mixologist infused Bacardi 8 year old with kaffir lime leaves to celebrate and the result is an amazing taste sensation.

Guests who arrive at SABA in style wearing their “secret service” look sunglasses will be treated to a complimentary 44th President cocktail with their meal on Monday night.


Shake the kaffir lime infused Bacardi 8-year-old with dubonnet and pimento dram bitters over ice and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a zest of grapefruit and serve. Truly fit for a President!

The 44th President is priced at €7.95