“Paul has really created something special with Saba because it truly feels like a second family.” – Josefin Andersson, HR and Training, Saba

When a group of people work closely together for a long time doing what they love, they develop a common philosophy, a way of doing things that is unique, special and passionate. Here in Saba, this is called the Saba Way.

It means caring about what we do and how we do it. It means caring about each other and our customers. It means caring about our city and our planet. It means doing things the right way, the Saba Way.

“Being a chef is something I love doing. I like to see smiles on people’s faces after enjoying the food I cook.  I am so grateful to be a part of this Saba family.” – Natthawut Khuhathong (Yo), chef Baggot Street

This approach, which has evolved gradually since Saba was founded in 2006, informs who we are, what we do and the food and service we offer to our customers. It is very much based around the fact that, with our two restaurants, three Saba To Go outlets and the Saba Street Kitchen which travels to festivals and events around Ireland such as Electric Picnic and Taste of Dublin, we are part of the community. We have a duty to provide authentic food to our customers and to make sure we tread lightly on the planet. To that end, we are very conscientious about the environment, about where we source our food and about minimising waste.

The Saba Way is also about giving something back. That is why Saba has worked with so many different charities over the years, including Crumlin Children’s Hospital, Anam Cara and Friends of the Earth. For more on the ‘Good Works’ that form part of the Saba Way, go here: https://www.sabadublin.com/the-saba-way/good-works/  

“The Saba Way runs through everything we do, from how we set a table to our ethical choices and the charities we support, both in Ireland and around the world.” – Josefin Andersson, HR and Training Manager

The Saba Way means that the food we create has to be tasty, healthy and nutritious, but also true to its roots. That is why we have so many Thai and Vietnamese chefs working here. They know their food and they know how to get the best out of ingredients.

That is also why we source some products directly from Thailand, including the very best coconut milk, a gorgeous black soy sauce and a really special sweet chilli sauce. We then use these with local Irish vegetables and meat so we are providing the best of both worlds. That is the essence of the Saba Way.

A look at any of our menus demonstrates this dedication to authentic food. Over the last 14 years, we have developed and shaped a menu that reflects the very best in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine because we have the very best in Thai and Vietnamese chefs.

We have really popular dishes which Irish people just love such as Massaman Curry, Phad Thai and Phad Prik Sod. However, we also have our Signature Saba dishes such as Hake in Banana Leaf and Duck with Pineapple which our chefs love to create … and love to eat themselves.

And, of course, our cocktails have become the stuff of legend over the years. From the Dragon’s Tail and the Pornstar Martini to the Sake Mojito and the Phuket Passion, you will find one (or two) that you will love.

“Saba is not just my place of work but is like my second home. My wife and my son even now work with Saba as well.” – Noraset ‘Seak’ Pradubwate, Head Chef Saba To Go

Once you combine dedicated staff, great food and delicious cocktails, that special atmosphere will follow. ‘Saba’ means ‘happy meeting place’ in Thai and all the elements of the Saba Way come together to make our restaurants exactly that.

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