Cookery Classes

For a lifetime of delicious meals

Please Note: Due to Covid-19 Saba cookery classes have been paused for the foreseeable future. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

SABA’s hugely popular cookery classes are run by Executive Chef Taweesak Trakoolwattana – Tao to us! He shows how to create the subtle and distinctive flavours of Thai cuisine over the course of a fun and informative day.

Born, raised and trained in Bangkok, he has cooked incredible Thai cuisine all over the world before joining the Saba family in 2006. Why, he asks, would anyone want to eat anything other than authentic Thai food?


Tao welcomes us to his SABA kitchen and as we savour a bowl of conchi, a traditional breakfast dish in Thailand and Vietnam, he introduces us to the main ingredients used in preparing a Thai meal and explains how to balance the flavours and aromas. Tao demonstrates the first dish before all participants gather around a work station to prepare five or six more dishes together.

A trip to the Asian Market follows, where Tao highlights how to choose the best Thai ingredients, pointing out the less familiar as well as the more widely recognised. The day finishes back at SABA the restaurant where Tao serves up what he considers to be a perfectly balanced Thai meal.

Classes fill up fast so make sure to keep an eye on our dates below.