Recipe Of The Month – Seabream Mint Salad

Posted on: May 25 2013

Yaam Pla Thod Samunprai Thai

Crispy Sea Bream fillets with chilli paste in oil, lemongrass, mint and cashew nuts.


Seabream, 2 fillets cut in 3 pieces
Lemongrass fine sliced – 2 stalks
Wheat flour – 20gr
Kaffir lime leaves fine sliced – 2 leaves
Cooking oil – 100ml for deep frying
Cherry tomatoes – 8 pieces halfed
Chilli paste in oil- 1 dsp
Cashew nuts – 20 gr
Bird’s eye chillies fine sliced – 3 pieces
Mints leaves- 2 bunches
Fish sauce- 3 dsp
Ginger – fine julienne 10gr
Lime juice – 3 dsp
Shallots fine sliced – 10 gr
Sugar – 1/2 dsp
Baby salad leaves – 40gr

Cooking method

To make the dressing:

Mix chilli paste in oil and bird’s eye chilies in a bowl and season with the fish sauce, lime juice and sugar. Keep to one side.

Cut seabream fillet in 3 pieces per fillet and dip them in the flour ensuring that they are coated all over.

Bring the oil to a high heat of 180’C for about 3 minutes.

Remove onto kitchen paper to absorb any excess oil

Combine the lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, cherry tomatoes, cashew nuts, mints leaves, ginger and shallots in a bowl.

Add fish and dressing and mix well. Serve on baby salad leaves. Enjoy this fresh hot summer salad!