Recipe For Jungle Beef Curry

Posted on: February 13 2014

Jungle Beef Curry:
This recipe serves 2 people


300g Beef fillet sliced
700ml water or chicken stock
100g red curry paste
50g galangal roots
100g butternut squash
60g Thai aubergine
60g baby corn
60g mixed peppers
60g string beans
30g galangal
1 chilli sliced
4dsp fish sauce
3/4dsp sugar
6 kaffir lime leaves

Cooking method:
Bring a sauce pan to medium high heat and add oil and red curry paste.
Once the red curry paste and the oil is combined add kaffir lime leaves, water and galangal roots and seasoning with fish sauce and sugar.
Once the sugar has dissolved you then add the beef, butternut squash, Thai aubergine, baby corn, pepper, string bean, galangal and chilli. Cook all ingredients for  5 to 7 minutes and serve with steamed rice.