Q&A With Our Head Mixologist Karim

Posted on: June 24 2015

karim drinks

Karim is our award winning Head Mixologist in Saba. He has competed in a lot of competitions over the past few years. His latest achievement – he came top eight in the semi-finals of the ‘Bacardi Legacy World Championships’ in Sydney, Australia this May. The Saba team are very proud of his amazing achievement.
We caught up with Karim to ask him some questions!

1. I knew I wanted to work behind the bar when:
I started working in Saba and I started to learn about mixed drinks and bar-tending with Paul Lambert.
2. I find inspiration in:
I get inspired by a lot of things, for example people, where they are from, the history of brands and history in general!
3. Definition of a perfect cocktail:
For me it’s perfectly mixed drinks with the right balance of flavour and it should be served in a proper vessel that suits the mood you are in.
4. I can’t mix drinks without:
I guess I would have to say my hands, my most valuable tool!
5. My favourite thing about working behind the bar:
Getting paid for doing something I am so passionate about. It’s a great feeling providing a service and creating memories with our customers.
6. If bartenders had superpowers I would have:
The ability to read minds, that way I would always know what mood you were in, and serve you the perfect drinks!