Our Craft


SABA cocktails are multi-award winners. In fact, we have won at numerous National Cocktail competitions as well as winning a National Cocktail Award in Ireland every year since opening in 2006.

That’s thanks to our committed and creative bar team who are truly world-class, and also because we see our cocktails as an integral part of the SABA experience, designed to match and enhance the food and to complement your meal.

Like everything else with SABA, it all starts with incredible ingredients. We use premium brands of spirits and liqueurs, squeeze our own citrus juices and prepare our own syrups and infusions on a daily basis to create mocktails, sweeties and all the classics — and we don’t stop there! Evolving our cocktail menu is a continuous adventure at SABA. The bar team rummage through the daily deliveries to see what treats can be used for the day’s cocktail special. We use herbs and fruits from Thailand like betal leaf, lemongrass, holy basil, bale fruit, kaffir lime leaves, chilli, dragon fruit and rambutan, all amplifying the aromas and tastes.


Whenever anyone goes abroad they have a mission — to bring back strange and interesting rums, bitters and whiskeys -to add to the groaning cabinet behind the bar. Making delicious cocktails at SABA is more than just craft in action, more than a mix of fun and creativity – it’s our passion. Chokdee! [Cheers!]