Meet Our Coffee Supplier: 3FE Coffee

Posted on: August 28 2013

We source our Coffee from 3FE of Dublin’s Lower Grand Canal Street, which is owned by 4 time Irish Barista Champion Colin Harmon and coffee roaster Steve Leighton. They are also currently building a Dublin coffee roastery as well as running their cafe, wholesale business and coffee training school.

The coffee itself is a blend that changes throughout the year depending on what’s in season. Its components are chosen carefully in order to ensure that collectively they create a taste profile that is distinct yet consistent throughout the year. This works in much the same way as sauces in a kitchen; the ingredients change throughout the year but the taste profile remains the same.

The coffee we use is sourced by Steve at 3FE who spends much of the time travelling to growing countries, meeting farmers and helping them improve their crop year on year. The coffee is always ethically sourced and often involves no middle men, just a handshake on the farm itself. Quality coffee is what 3FE are all about and ensuring that the people of Dublin experience the best of what the world’s greatest farms have to offer.

We have also installed a new La Marzocco coffee machine and state of the art coffee grinder ensuring cup to cup serve guaranteeing freshness and the perfect serve. Yann, Colin and Steve are serious and passionate about what they do, just like us and that’s why we love working with them. We love their coffee and we hope you do to.