Key Phrases For Thai New Year

Posted on: April 12 2022

Key Phrases For Thai New Year

Songkran is the Thai New Year. It is celebrated every year in Thailand from 13th – 15th April. During Songkran, people get together to visit temples. They pour water over the hands of elders while asking for blessings.

There are also three-day long water fights throughout the country. People go into the streets with water guns, containers, etc to take part in these water fights. So, what are the origins of the water aspect of Thai New Year? In Thailand, it is a way of showing respect…it’s also extremely warm in April so we’re sure that helps too.

In honor of Thai New Year, we want to give you a quick lesson on how to chat with Thai people during the Thai New Year festivities.

Happy New Year – Sa was dee pee mai 

Happy Songkran’s day – Suksan-wan-songkran/ Sawasdee Wan Songkran

I wish you health and happiness! – Chan khor hai khun mee suuk ka pap kang rang lae mee kwam suuk

Are you going home to see your family? – Khun gam lang klap baan pai sang san gab khrop krua kong khun chai mai?

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