Haunted Halloween Recipe

Posted on: October 18 2012

Red pumpkin curry with grilled beef

Spice up the scariest night of the year with a delicious red pumpkin curry with grilled beef. Our executive chef, Tao created this dish with a focus on the fresh, healthy pumpkins available on our doorstep… well Virginia in Cavan.


2 cans coconut milk – 400ml

1 dessert spoon of fish sauce

160gr beef strip loin

3 tbspn cooking oil

1 tbspn red curry paste

3 dessert spoon of fish sauce

100g pumpkin cut into thin slices

¾ dessert spoon of palm sugar

30g Thai aubergines

1 big red chilli – sliced

30g string beans

1 bunch Thai sweet basil

30g pepper mixed diced

10g roasted pumpkin seeds

4 kaffir lime leaves

Cooking Method:

Marinate the beef strip loin with one dessert spoon of fish sauce. Keep to the side.

Bring the wok to medium heat and add the oil and red curry paste.

Stir until there is an aroma, add the coconut milk and kaffir lime leaves.

Add the fish sauce and palm sugar.

Add the pumpkin, cook for about five minutes then add Thai aubergines, string bean, pepper mixed and chilli.

Cook for two more minutes and add Thai sweet basil, serve in the curry bowl.

Grill the beef until medium to well and cut into thick slices. Place it on top of the curry.

Garnish with roasted pumpkin seeds and serve with Thai Jasmine rice.