Irish Women’s Senior Hockey Team – Bethany Barr’s Favourite Things

Posted on: October 14 2020

Irish Women’s Senior Hockey Team – My Favourite Things

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our social media, you’ll have seen our My Favourite Things posts. We got touch with some of the Hockey Ireland Senior Women’s team and some have shared their favourite things with us!

Irish Women's Senior Hockey Team - Bethany Barr's Favourite ThingsName: Bethany Barr

Position: Defender/Midfielder

Number of Cap’s for Ireland: 30

What club do you play for? Belfast Harlequins

Where is your hometown? Lurgan




  1.   The memory?

I have a lot of good memories but two would definitely stand out to me the most and it would be hard to separate them. First was getting my first cap in Santiago, Chile alongside my twin sister Serena. This was amazing to experience this together and a real blessing. Second would be qualifying for the Olympics in Dublin and scoring in the penalty shootout with so many family and friends watching.

  1.   The person?

There are many many important people in my life, but there is one I absolutely could not live without and that is God. I am a Christian and God is at the complete center of my life, without Him I am nothing.

  1.   The gadget?

I can tend to misplace a lot of things so I am better without gadgets where possible!!! haha

  1.   The advice?

Never let your mistakes or your weaknesses define you, you are so much more than your limitations, your strengths, your defeats, or your victories. Remember why you started and enjoy every minute of it.

  1.   The song?

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

  1.   The hobby?

Aside from my time spent playing hockey I love to be outdoors. I also love to bake and cook, experimenting with different recipes with my twin Serena.

  1.   The movie?

That’s a hard one, there are a lot I could say but I really love Avatar (pretty random one but a great one) and the Prince of Eygpt. Also anything Disney!

  1.   The book?

I love getting the chance to read a book, I’d have to say one I read recently which is excellent is The Pilgrim.

  1.   The hero?

My sister Charlene would have to be my hero and a huge inspiration in my life. Charlene was born with Cystic Fibrosis and spent her whole first year in hospital and was in and out of hospital for all of her life. However, Charlene never ever let what she could not do stop her from doing what she could do, she did not let herself be defined by her limitations. She had a strong faith, a steely determination and grit, and that is what allowed her to live her life to the full. Charlene sadly passed away in 2010, aged just 20, but not before setting up Charlene’s Project and raising the money to build a Primary School for children in Uganda to give them the hope of a better future. Charlene inspires me to keep going even when the odds are stacked against you and to make every moment of life count.

  1. The place?


  1. The cheat treat?

Chocolate, love a Malteaser Bunny

  1. The Saba dish?

Xao Hao Lo (beef fillet) – delicious, 100% recommend


Which team member would you like to hear from next? We’ll be adding a new My Favourite Things to the blog every month!